[mythtv-users] Couple of daily usage questions...

Maarten van den Berg mythtv at ultratux.org
Sat Apr 10 16:43:58 EDT 2004

...And / or suggestions, depending on the case.

First, I need to know if some observations are just in my system or that they 
are normal behaviour...

When I press "I" in watch recording screen I get a box with four possibilities
(Play | Auto-expire | Delete | Cancel ). The "M" key does, too: same box.
Is it normal to have both buttons do the same ? I'm trying to get the menu as 
described in the documentation under "Recording Groups"...:
	M 	 change the view or to set a group password
	I 	move a program from one Recording Group to another
but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get to that.
My files become unmanageable quickly due to sheer volume, I need a way to 
either rename stuff or order them in recording groups.

The rest are some ponderings on what can (and cannot) be done.

* How, if at all, can one rename shows ?
	(seems like a reasonable option but I cannot find that one anywhere)

* Can one add (or rename) Recording Profiles ?
	(Iong explanation follows below...)

* May I suggest a possibility to see the amount of diskspace used ? Currently 
you can only see that in the "Delete Recordings" screen, which is awkward to 
always switch to back and forth during transcoding, which is in another menu.
	(I'll admit the "P" key works as a workaround...)

* Along those lines, I'd be glad to see if something is using rtjpeg or mpeg4.

* Can one concatenate two separate recordings ?
	(Like, two-part movies, etc.) 

* Can the reverse be done, ie. make a huge recording and later split it up ?
	(and still be playable in mythTV that is) 

Some keys have either no effect or don't have visual feedback (?).
	Amongst them are: "?" (mark favorite) "F8" (sleep timer). I'm unsure...

Long explanation begins here.  First off, I'm not in the US, and I figure the 
commercial tagging will / might not work here. So I tried to transcode a show 
recorded in mpeg4 after defining the cutpoints therein, but I ended up with a 
rtjpeg file after that, judging by the (much) bigger filesize...  
So can one transcode from mpeg4 to mpeg4 or does it always switch from one to 
the other (meaning, to rtjpeg) ?  
I'd like to use two scenarios: For the usual shows I don't plan to keep I'd 
like to conserve diskspace so recording directly to mpeg4 seems best.
For the movies I would want to keep, I reckon recording in rtjpeg and later 
manually transcoding into mpeg4 would be best (deleting commercials).
So I tried to edit the Recording Profiles' names, to reflect these two 
scenarios but it's impossible to edit the fields, is that correct ?
If transcoding from mp4 to mp4 is also possible this is a moot point but can 
someone please tell me how, 'cause I did not manage that...?  

Oh, yeah. I'm using the .14 version, and (obviously) no PVRx50 cards.

Other than that, MythTV just rocks.  It never ever crashes one me, It is 
dependable, easy, and... just incredible !  Lots and lots of kudos !!


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