[mythtv-users] Compiling MythTV CVS - where's qmake?

Ryan Brancheau (US) ryan.brancheau at us.didata.com
Sat Apr 10 01:15:22 EDT 2004

Thanks that seems to have done the trick.  Funny how an hour of
searching google for qmake and rpm didn't turn that one up...

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I don't use RPMs, since I prefer to compile everything myself.  But I
suspect you need to install the qt-devel RPM.


On Saturday 10 April 2004 12:16 am, Ryan Brancheau (US) wrote:
> A little off topic, but here goes...  I've installed the standard 
> Fedora Jarod howto mythtv deal.  I then upgraded to ivtv 1.10pre2.  
> Now I want to compile the latest mythtv CVS.  But I can't find qmake
> Everything on the web tells me it should be included in qt3.1.2-14 
> which was installed, but for some reason the RPM doesn't include it.  
> I have qtconfig and that's it.  I've tried compiling qt from source, 
> but I keep getting segmentation faults, at first during the 
> ./configure and then during the make.  Any suggestions?
> BTW it's an athlon XP 2000, Albatron nforce2 mobo.
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