[mythtv-users] Smallest, cheapest case?

Gabe gabe at mustbethemoney.com
Fri Apr 9 21:40:56 EDT 2004

Let me second this, and thank Mitko for the recommendation.  I just got one of these and it is approximatly the same dimentsions as vcr, just a little higher.  Also, once you screw your mobo in, no more screws are needed, everything (including PCI cards) uses plastic locks.  The box looks great and is inexpensive.  Now I just need to drill a whole in it for my IRD and somehow getting rid of the OPTICAL DRIVE silver writing would be nice as well (may just make a mythtv sticker to put over it)

On Fri, 09 Apr 2004 16:18:19 -0400
Ed Benckert <ed at ebonmists.com> wrote:

>> Any suggestions?

Some time ago I sent an email to the list with a link to a Chenbro case
that I got off of newegg for $43, it look pretty good and it is
relatively small. Here is the archive link:


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