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Fri Apr 9 00:45:03 EDT 2004


Anyone that has a Fry's in their area, they have it (the PNY GFMX440 8x -- 
same card as Harry mentioned) for sticker $39.99 with a $20 mail-in
rebate...just got myself one yesterday, so once I get my rebate back, I'll
have paid $20 for the card. I am in the process of collecting the parts for
my Myth box, and this will be my video card for the box (although I will be
using a 350 for the video out, which just arrived in the mail today from
NewEgg! :)


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In case anyone is interested (and from recent
discussions it sounds like some people are)...

Tigerdirect has a GFMX440 8X from PNY on
sale for $30AR.  I have the 4X version of this
and it is very good for Myth.  I have heard
that others have the 8X card and it is also
very good for Myth.

Rebate is good through the end of the

-- Harry O.

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