[mythtv-users] Lirc receiver and directv from same serial port?

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Thu Apr 8 08:00:37 EDT 2004

> I bought a cheap motherboard for my myth box, it was so cheap 
> that it only has one serial port. I noticed that the serial 
> connection I made for my directv box, and the lirc IR 
> receiver shown here in wonderful ASCII art: 
> http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html
> Use different pins (except 
> ground, but that should matter should it?). So I was 
> wondering does LIRC occupy the serial port all the time? i.e. 
> would it block the perl script that dumps channel changing 
> commands to my dtv receiver or could they both peacefully 
> coexist? I'd rather avoid spending $20 on a serial card just 
> for that purpose. Anyone tried this?

You will not be able to use the same port for both. If you take a look at
your motherboard you will probably find a 2 row header on the board for the
other port. Simply find or buy a serial port cable (the kind that mounts in
a spare card slot's bracket) and plug it onto the header. You may find they
offer this as an option but if you have a used computer store near you you
should be able to pick one cheap.

Also, check your bios. If you can enable the second com port in bios it
actually exists in hardware and simply needs to be brought out to the real
world. Of course they could be using the port for an irda controller too.

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