[mythtv-users] Picture Tuning

Adrian Byng-Clarke adrianbc at MIT.EDU
Wed Apr 7 10:44:48 EDT 2004


I'm trying to fine-tune the picture quality that I'm getting out of my
mythtv on my CRT monitor. With the default settings I had some pretty bad
interlacing + extra noise.

So using the filter documentation as I guide I start changing the playback
options. With kerneldeint=1:0 the interlacing is gone. What I have left is a
very noisy picture. However, I noticed that when I added any noise removal
processing on the playback filter pipe I get the interlacing back.  I have
tried varying the parameter of denoise3d between 1 and 12. I have also tried

Can anybody explain why denoise3d would be re-interlacing the signal? More
importantly how do I apply noise reduction without getting bands?




PVR-250 for capture (bit rate all the way up to 16000)
NVIDIA FX 5200 for playback.

I'm using the filter pipe in the following order: 

	kerneldeint=1:0, denoise3d=1 

standard deinterlacing check box is off.

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