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Morrison, Kerry kerry.morrison at nmci-isf.com
Wed Apr 7 08:28:59 EDT 2004

Hey I remembered to change the subject this time! The situation hasn't changed. I can cat /dev/video or video1 (2 tuners) and I capture video but no audio. I copied the files to a windows box and I don't have any sound in media player either. I can still play MP3s perfectly with mplayer. I've checked the msp3400 file via the instructions in the Mythtv HowTo and it seems to be using the correct version. alsamixer has master maxed out, pcm set to capture and maxed out. I've tried muting/capturing all of other options but nothing changes. I keep thinking I must have messed up the msp3400 somehow. I DID copy the ivtv version of the msp3400 and did a depmod but that didn't help either. I've moved the Myth box back to the basement so that I stop annoying my family. I have it hooked up to a monitor and pc speakers now. All of the output volumes are maxed. It initially took me over a month to get this working right (I knew I shouldn't have recompiled the kernel) but keep being drawn like a moth to the standard windows solution... reformat-reinstall

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Check settopbox's volume too. 

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>	Hi All,
>I always feel like I'm begging when I ask for help but I'm 
>stuck so I'm begging....
>I needed to recomile my kernel last Thursday and after I 
>rebooted I lost my audio. All signs would point to the 
>msp3400.o file but I went through the audio troubleshooting 
>info in the Mythtv docs, replaced it, depmod, and I still 
>don't have sound.  Some background, I have a Via based K7 
>motherboard, 2 PVR250s, and an NVidia video card. I'm using an 
>add in Cmedia CMI8738 sound card because it has optical out. I 
>have recompiled IVTV and ALSA to no avail. I have checked the 
>log files and haven't found anything unusal. The mythfrontend 
>log indicates that it is streaming audio just fine. I tried 
>going back to the regular line out and that doesn't help 
>either. I can play mp3 files with Mythmusic just fine. I'm 
>using mythtv CVS from around 1 March.
>	TIA,
>		Kerry
>btw, I didn't want to get too wordy. If you need more info let 
>me know _______________________________________________
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