[mythtv-users] IR Transmitter

David myth at dgreaves.com
Wed Apr 7 06:30:14 EDT 2004

Dan Morphis wrote:

> David wrote:
>> FWIW I've just made the improved IR transmitter and the IR receiver
>> and they're both connected via one serial port.
>> I had to recompile lirc because it only seems to understand the
>> devices it's compiled for (which for KnoppMyth is the PVR350 one
>> which I don't think works on 2.6.4 yet) It was pretty easy though.
>> I expect you need to do the same (recompile lirc)
>> I really don't think you need two instances - the idea is that lircd
> Sure you could.  What if you have two different transmitters?  Or you 
> have a pvr-x50 reciever, and a serial transmitter.

You're right.
Looking at http://www.lirc.org/html/technical.html suggested to me that 
you can could do that via one /dev/lirc
The top half of the diagram allows concurrent use of each path; however 
the bottom half isn't concurrent.
I had tied that together with the fact that lircd could be compiled with 
multiple driver support and I misunderstood.

FWIW, I think a single lircd could handle it all as each REMOTE could be 
associated with a device in the config file - but it's not :)

>>  controls multiple process access to /dev/lirc In fact, if you have
>> multiple processes accessing /dev/lirc, I think lircd stops.
>> If I run 'mode2' (what kind of name is that!) to scan the IR traffic
>>  then lircd dies.
> Have you tried xmode2?  I've never had a problem with lircd dying when 
> using it.

No, I was using the console.

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