[mythtv-users] DVD library + mythtv, best practices

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Wed Apr 7 00:18:34 EDT 2004

Ian Forde wrote:

> Paul Phillips wrote:
>> I just want the myth frontend to be able to call up a list of the 
>> movies I
>> have ripped and play one on demand.  For whatever reason this seems to be
>> an unusual desire.  I guess everyone else is transcoding their movies 
>> into
>> a single smaller file of some other format? But I don't want to do 
>> that, I
>> have plenty of disk.  All I intend to do (eventually) is snip out the FBI
>> warnings and other stupidities.
> Actually, it's not that unusual.  I'm planning to do this with my DVDs 
> when I get the chance, so the DVDs can go into a box in the closet right 
> next to the box of audio CDs. ;)
>> With vlc I have no trouble playing DVDs from the command line with menus
>> and all by using "vlc dvd:/path/to/dvd/directory" but the myth interface
>> doesn't seem to like the idea of the directory being the target.  I can
>> get a big ugly list of the individual vobs but obviously that's a 
>> failure.
> Nope - there's an easier way.  Create a text file for each movie 
> containing the name of the path holding the vob files.  Then run a 
> custom player script that takes the text file as a parameter.  That 
> script can then do:
> #!/bin/sh
> parm=$1
> dvddir=`cat ${parm}`
> vlc dvd:${dvddir}
> or, if you want to use the iso9660 files without having to deal with vob 
> files or messy text files:
> #!/bin/sh
> #
> # Using "parm" for the mount point to avoid multiple files being
> # mounted on the same dir in a bizarre confluence of events.
> #
> parm=$1
> mkdir "/mnt/${parm}"
> mount -t iso9660 -o ro,loop "${parm}" /mnt/"${parm}"
> vlc dvd:/mnt/${parm}
> umount /mnt/${parm}
>> Am I overlooking a smarter or easier way to accomplish this? I don't mind
>> converting my DVD folders into something else as long as it's lossless.
>> What is the standard way to store and serve a library of ripped DVDs?
> See above!

Or better yet, ignore everything I wrote above.  Since I run my frontend 
as a non-myth user, it's not going to work for me without some SERIOUS 
creativity.  Use ogle instead.

ogle $filename

Where $filename is the dvd image file.  It's that easy. ;)


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