[mythtv-users] ALSA and SPDIF Out For nForce2 Motherboards

John Sturgeon john at sturgeonfamily.com
Tue Apr 6 19:30:30 EDT 2004

It's best to use version .15 for this.  Also, be warned.. I get a 
floating point exception when trying to output audio to alsa 
(AudioOutputDevice: ALSA:ice958).  The way I get my output to come out 
SPDIF is by the following configuration
(nforce 2 board)
driver is intel8x0
outputting audio from mplayer -ao alsa9:spdif  (here I've heard people 
use: spdif, iec958, hw:0,2, hw:0,1)
outputting audio from mythTV /dev/adsp0 (Make sure you have oss 
emulation modules loaded)

Hope that helps,

John Sturgeon <><

Scott Elliott wrote:

>The only way to set it is to go into mysql and update the value in the
>"settings" table for the "AudioOutputDevice". You have to use the
>correct format: "ALSA:device", so something like "ALSA:nforce" or
>"ALSA:hw:2,0".  This is all because the ALSA support is unfinished and
>not really well supported.
>That being said, look for previous posts about the nforce SPDIF output. 
>I use it with the ALSA OSS emulation, with the device /dev/sound/adsp. 
>I never got it working well directly with myth & ALSA.
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