[mythtv-users] sleep/wake with Jarod's guide

Simon Lundell simon at ida.his.se
Tue Apr 6 09:03:51 EDT 2004

By mythtv-shutdown i mean the shutdown functionallity integrated into
mythtv (I use the CVS version). Scince my board need a reboot after
setting the nvram-wakeup timer i've made a script that selects a
power-off-option in grub. The mythtv user can run nvram-wakeup and my
grubreboot using sudo. From the terminal it works flawlessly, but it
seems like mythtv cannot shutdown the computer.

Btw: thanks for the outlook-qoute-fix

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Op dinsdag 6 april 2004 09:25, schreef Simon Lundell:
> I've tried the nvram-wakeup-thing but my mythbox don't want to shut 
> down. The mythuser can shutdown and wakeup from the command line, but 
> mythtv-shutdown does not work. Any hints?

Is mythtv-shutdown some script you made? btw, nvram-wakeup doesn't
the box, it only sets the timer. You should/could use 'poweroff' or
-h now'. It should work when you run the backend as root, else you will
to do something with sudo.

btw, Simon could you please install Outlook-Quotefix?
You can get it here: http://flash.to/outlook-quotefix/

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