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rick-myth at perlmonkey.org rick-myth at perlmonkey.org
Mon Apr 5 22:21:25 EDT 2004

I do own a sodering iron and I have sodered in the past, but only once or
twice, and it was very basic (soder this wire to this spot).  If you
remember a specific post that you think would help, I appreciate it.  I
thought I gave the archive a pretty extensive search.

Thanks Dan

> Rick, before I dig a bit and find the post, do you know how to soldier
> or have access to a friend who knows how? (Plus have access to a
> soldiering iron?)
> -dan
> rick-myth at perlmonkey.org wrote:
>>I have the good 'ole SA2100, so no luck w/ the serial port.  I actually
>>currently have a TiVo Series 1 (14 hr.. ewwwww), Figured a Myth w/ 200GB
>>hd should keep me going for a while.. Unfortunately, I wasn't
>> exaggerating
>>when I meant I know nothing about electronics.  I searched the archive as
>>Dan suggested but only found references to the 'simple' and 'improved'
>>transmitters, I don't know where to begin even with the simple one (not
>> to
>>mention the possiblity of port dmg, if (when?) I screw it up.)  I did
>> come
>>across http://store.snapstream.com/irblcapa.html but it's backordered
>> till
>>mid April.  Unless I can find an absolute Electronics Beginners Guide to
>>building this thig, I think I'll just have to stick it out and wait.  Any
>>other suggestions would be welcomed.
>>Thanks for the help guys.
>>>On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 18:27, rick-myth at perlmonkey.org wrote:
>>>>Hey guys, I'm pretty new to mythtv, I'm about to build my mythtv box,
>>>>waiting for the PVR-350 and the case =).   Anyway, to my question.
>>>> I've
>>>>been going through the documentation and the myth-user archives to find
>>>>out what exactly I need to control my digital cable box, and the answer
>>>>have found is a Serial -> IR Transmitter. My search for one of these
>>>> has
>>>>led me to two possible solutions
>>>If your digital cable box is a Motorola DCT-2000 series you can control
>>>it with a serial cable. The firmware has to be version 7.54 or higher.
>>>To check go to Menu->Setup->Cable Box, then choose "Yes" to "See
>>>Configuration".  Then you just need a standard male to female 9-pin
>>>serial cable.  There's a program in the contrib folder to send the
>>>correct signals over the serial port.
>>>Your cable company may need to enable your box for serial control (mine
>>>was already setup, but I hear that isn't always the case).  If the
>>>firmware version is right, but serial control doesn't work call them and
>>>say you have TiVo and would like to have serial control enabled.  Since
>>>everybody knows what a TiVo is, it's the easiest way to explain what you
>>>James Orr <james at orrwhat.net>
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