[mythtv-users] Jarrod's Guide for Debian?

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Mon Apr 5 21:17:43 EDT 2004

Jim Southard wrote:

> OK, I'm very new at MythTV, so be gentle....
> Is there something like Jarrod's great Fedora guide for for getting 
> MythTV running on Debian? I'd especially like to find a step-by-step 
> guide that explains the Matt Zimmerman deb's and how to get them set 
> up with IvyTV drivers and PVR-350 TV out.
> I'm a moderate novice at Linux. Just playing around, I've successfully 
> installed and set up most of the major Linux distros on a variety of 
> hardware (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSE, and even Gentoo, plus a few 
> others). I've decided that I like Debian the best, for a variety of 
> arguable reasons (I'm really hooked on APT and dist-upgrade). I still 
> spend almost all of my "normal" computer time in Windows, however, so 
> I'm by no means Linux-literate.
> I'm trying to get MythTV to work on Debian unstable using a Hauppauge 
> PVR-350 and the Matt Zimmerman deb's at 
> http://dijkstra.csh.rit.edu:8088/~mdz/debian/dists/unstable/mythtv/. 
> My first and major struggle was getting IvyTV drivers to compile, but 
> I finally got that straightened out after updating the kernel to 
> 2.4.25 and getting the header and source files.
> But now, I'm somewhat lost in trying to get the Hauppauge grey remote 
> to work, and for some reason the MythTV backend refuses to run 
> correctly. I'm also really confused by the way the Matt Zimmerman 
> packages set up the 'mythtv' user and associated setuid and 
> permissions, and how I'm supposed to run MythTV in that environment. 
> After changing a bunch of stuff I think things are now FUBAR, so I'm 
> going to start over.
> I'm not expecting answers to these issues (I know I've been too 
> vague). What I really want to do at this point is start over with a 
> clean reinstall of Debian unstable, and carefully and correctly take 
> it step by step.
> Based on the collective wisdom here, should I switch to Fedora just so 
> I have a good guide to follow? Or can I find good help on Debian?

How about KnoppMyth?! http://mysettopbox.tv/knoppmyth.html


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