[mythtv-users] sleep/wake with Jarod's guide

Kenneth Ljungh kenneth at klj.servebeer.com
Mon Apr 5 16:46:28 EDT 2004

Henk Poley wrote:

> Op maandag 5 april 2004 20:37, schreef Kenneth Ljungh:
>>Henk Poley wrote:
>>>Op maandag 5 april 2004 19:40, schreef Kenneth Ljungh:
>>>>Myth wrote:
>>>>>Does anyone have the sleep/wake function working on FC1 with Axel's
>>>>>custom kernel?
>>>>>The electric bill is killing the gaf.
>>>>I'm using nvram wakeup http://sourceforge.net/projects/nvram-wakeup on a
>>>>asus pundit box (running gentoo) and it works great.
>>>Do you also shutdown the box (like I do) or do you use some of the
>>>suspend to RAM/Disk stuff? There seems to be some interest for it on the
>>>mailinglist currently, so please share your resources. :-)
>>Yes, I have myth run /sbin/poweroff to shut down the box and
>>nvram-wakeup to use the cmos clock to power on the box.
>>I also set myth to power on 120 secs before recording since the box
>>boots in about 1 min.
> Ehm isn't poweroff a 'hard' thing. Like, it doesn't shutdown services and the 
> such? My system runs "/sbin/shutdown -h now".

On my box poweroff does just that as far as I can see.

> That boottime is about what I get too, but I never clocked it after I enabled 
> the parallel rc stuff genoo has. Edit /etc/conf.d/rc and set 
> RC_PARALLEL_STARTUP="yes", don't know if it helps anything though. :-P
>>nvram-wakeup didn't automatically recognise the pundit but the latest
>>release (0.95) do support it so one just have to specify it on the
>>command line. Also there was a wake-up-before margin of 5 min in one of
>>the .h files that I set 0 zero before compiling.
> Hehe, I think I have a little advantage that I can read the German 
> nvram-wakeup forums. There's stated that you can download the CVS version, or 
> just the definitions header file, and it would work after a recompile.
> btw, I think that it might be possible to directly write in UNIX epoch 
> to /proc/acpi/alarm and have it work, though I never tried that. Obviously 
> you would need to have the wake-up feature enabled in the BIOS already 
> (nvram-wakeup does that for you).

I'm running a 2.4.25 kernel and did try the kernel acpi support but I 
couldn't use a clean shutdown and get the box to power on. Only if I did 
an unclean power off that just kills the machine in an instant with
# echo 1 > /proc/acpi/sleep

But nvram-wakeup really works great on my box.

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