[mythtv-users] nvidia mx 440 - tv blanks after a few minutes

malcolm mythtv at lds.dyndns.org
Sun Apr 4 22:59:49 EDT 2004

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From: "J. Donavan Stanley" <jdonavan at jdonavan.net>
Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2004 5:42 PM

> >XvMC?  Not sure what that is exactly.  My OSD while watching TV is in
> >If I pause I get blue background with a red boarder and white writing.  I
> >not have the deinterlace filter turned on.  I tried turning it on but
> >looked worse so I turned it back off.  That's only for monitors right?
> >
> >
> XvMC is a way to accelerate MPEG2 playback using your video hardware.
> It also precludes using things like deinterlacing filters.  The
> deinterlace filter isn't just for monitors, it's for anything that's not
> using an interlaced signal, and since the Nvidia drivers aren't
> outputting an interlaced signal that's pretty much everything.  That
> being said, on some chipsets the drivers appear to deinterlace
> automagicly so it may not be needed.

I think I got XvMC working.  I enabled it in settings.pro and recompiled
Myth.  Now when I pause live TV I get grey displays instead of color like
you had mentioned earlier.
I'll see if the picture gets any better.


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