[mythtv-users] New User - Mandrake vs fedora

Rod B RDB ROCK rdbrock78 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 4 20:05:01 EDT 2004

Hello ,

I would like to get some suggestions from the experts please....
I am a completely a new user, Im currently trying to find out what best OS 
to use to get MythTv working...   what should i use?  Mandrake 9.0 ,9.1 or 

I currently intalled Fedora Core 1, ( which is what i have currently ) 
however  i had some performance issues , the gui was great and looks nice. ( 
currently tried installing Freevo on it, But had some issues installing few 
SLD mixers/ Python packages, locks up and took forever to install some 
packages )..

Can someone please post a step by step guide link on how to install 
would be greatly appreciated...

FYI,Im Currently running on my Hometheater PC :
PIII 866mhz 133fsb ( NW)
512 mb PC2700
Voodoo 5 agp
Haupaugge Capture board ( wintv PCI )
Live SB!
40 gb hd (100 ata)

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