[mythtv-users] Mythmusic - CVS and other scary things

Herman Kuiper herman at frontier.nl
Sun Apr 4 07:53:48 EDT 2004

> I have this same problem. I was running a Athlon 900. With a big list of
> mp3 from a shared drive it would show the list quickly and I could select
> some songs, but when I went to play them it was really slow, like
> keyboard not responding, took foever to play then I could not do anything
> else with the session without going to terminal and killing it.

My $0.02: I was having the same unresponiveness as being described here, 
while I already was using CVS (as I read those threads before installing 
MythTV :-)

There where two issues I finally found which lead to the unresponsiveness:

1. I was running XFree without DRI acceleration. As all other modules where
   running just fine (including browsing the MP3 three in the "selection"
   screen), I never realized that.
2. After getting the radeon driver to run in XFree, the problem was more or
   less still there - afer looking at "top" output for a while I was
   noticing that XFree was regularly taking 40+% CPU when doing nothing
   impressive in MythMusic. I'm running kernel 2.6, and after some Googling
   I found out that XFree should not run nice -10 with 2.6, but nice 0.
   After re-ncing X it now run reasonably smooth.


PS: maybe something for the MythMusic developer: when tracing the 
unresponsiveness, I noticed that during cursor up/down in the play screen, 
when browsing through the music tree, that there is quite some redrawing 
which is not encessary: e.g. when browsing the second "bin", the first one 
seems also to be redrawn always.

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