[mythtv-users] How to configure channels in UK

Adam Wood AdamWood at Xephi.co.uk
Sun Apr 4 05:11:04 EDT 2004

> Hi, I have to input cards....

Hi Martyn,

> 1)  PVR350 connected via composite to an NTL cable tv box 
> with 100+ channels
> 2) USB based DVB terrestrial reciever (Nova-T) with Freeview channels

I have almost exactly the same setup. I've only just got my Nova-t (pci)
installed though so I'm still working on it.

> Most of the freeview channels are available on the NTL box 
> (the ones that arent, I havent setup).
> I set the system up with the 350 first and added the nova-t later.
> I have manually entered the channel numbers and short codes 
> for the NTL input and tried to match these with the Freeview 
> entries. The Freeview entries have the same channel number, 
> short code, and name but have a different ID and also have 
> the DVB information.

I've only configured 4 or 5 DVB channels so far, but I've been trying to put
the DVB information on the same channel id. Some one correct me if this is
completely wrong, but it seems to be working so far. Channels are only
listed once in the EPG (I'm not using mythweb) and when a recording is in
progress it (seems to at least) use the other input. I have much testing to
do with this before I'm sure. I also envisage a problem with the homebrew IR
transmitter I'm currently building; I wouldn't want to change channels on
the Nova-t and have myth send a signal to the NTL box, screwing up my
recording. Keeping the channel id the same might cause this problem, but I'm
not sure yet.


> Thanks
> Martyn

Good luck,


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