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You don't say what kind of capture card you have, but
if you have a Hauppauge card (either the PVR-250/350
or (I think) a WinTV dbx card), their IR receivers use
RC-5 codes, and you should be able to use the URC-8910
with them (I use a URC-6131).

Before that, I was using an irman, and it worked
fairly well, although it interfered with my IR

I'm attaching some directions that I wrote up
previously (I'm in the process of incorporating them
into my new website design), as well as the lircd.conf
and lircrc file.  They're for the URC-6131, but it
should give you enough ideas to work with (I would
imagine that the codes are the same for your remote). 
Ignore the mplayer section, I haven't tested those
buttons out, since I use Xine for everything.

-- Joe

--- blacklion at blacklion.org wrote:
> It's possible that these questions are best asked on
> the Lirc list, but
> I'm sure more people on this list have the answers
> that I'm looking for.
> I recently built a Myth box.  It's been rock solid
> for me and I'm ready
> to start using my remote control.  I have an
> All-In-One URC8910 remote
> control for my TV and DVD player.  I'd like to use
> this remote control
> for Myth also.  I've read that people have good luck
> with the All-In-One
> remotes.  Has anyone had good or bad luck with this
> particular model of
> remote control?
> Along with the remote control, I am in need of an IR
> receiver.  I've
> tried contacting the person in charge of
> http://lnx.manoweb.com/lirc/
> but I've received no answer.  I've also looked at
> the units at
> www.home-electro.com, but they are out of stock and
> are not posting any
> information about when they will have any units for
> sale.  I'm not real
> picky about the IR receiver, but I have two
> requirements:
> 1. I'd like for it to be as invisible as possible. 
> The wife is very
> pleased with the small size of box that I built for
> Myth.  I don't want
> to have any external IR receivers that are very
> visible.
> 2. I want an IR receiver that will just work,
> especially with the remote
> control that I listed above.  USB or serial, it
> doesn't matter.  If I
> need to, I can download source from CVS, recompile
> the kernel, all that
> jazz.  But, I would like to get this working with as
> little hassle as
> possible.  I don't mind learning about this stuff,
> but I don't want to
> spend a week just trying to get my remote control
> working.  I realize
> that there will some configuration required.
> If anyone has any thoughts or opinions on this
> hardware, I'd really
> appreciate it.
> BTW, here are my system specs in case that matters:
> AMD 2500+ Barton
> Chaintech 7NIF2 (with the serial port backplate
> installed)
> Mandrake 9.2 (2.4.25 custom kernel)
> MythTV 0.14
> Haven't downloaded lirc yet.  If there are opinions
> on versions I should
> use, please sound off.
> Thanks a bunch.
> Dalen
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Hauppauge PVR-250 w/ One For All URC-6131

I have a Hauppauge PVR-250, and a URC-6131 remote control.  The URC-6131 remote control is great, has a great feel, and lots of buttons.  Originally I was using it with an Irman, but wanted to ditch the Irman and use the IR receiver with the PVR-250.  I found a posting in the MythTV mailing list archive by Harry O. (ho_9), and that gave me enough information to program my own remote.

These are the steps that I followed to get my remote to work.

1. Copy the lircd.conf file to /etc/lircd.conf.

2. Load in the lirc modules and start lircd.

3. Decide which button to assign on the remote for MythTV.  I use PVR (as this is a remote meant for PVR's).  It is assumed that you are using PVR, please substitute your button where necessary.

4. Whichever button you pick, if it's not VCR, then you need to make it a VCR button.  Following the procedure in the user manual, map a VCR type to your selected button:
  a) Press and hold the SET button until the LED blinks twice, then release SET.
  b) Enter 992.  The LED will blink twice.
  c) Press VCR once, then press PVR once.  The LED will blink twice.

5. The Hauppauge PVR-250 IR receiver will only accept RC-5 codes.  The URC-6131 can output RC-5 codes, if it is set to emulate a remote control that outputs RC-5 codes.  RC-5 codes are typically used by Phillips, Marantz and Magnavox.  A code that makes most of the buttons on the remote available is 0081.  To set your PVR button to use 0081, do this:
  a) Press the PVR button to select it.
  b) Press and hold the SET button until the LED blinks twice and then release SET.
  b) Enter 0081.  The LED should blink twice, acknowledging the programming.

6. Before going any further, verify that the IR receiver on the PVR-250 is receiving the RC-5 codes.
  a) Start irw, the LIRC testing tool.  Usually the command "irw" works, however, you may need to specify a path to it.
  b) Start pressing buttons on the remote control.  Some buttons will not be recognized, but at least the number keys, the directional arrows and SELECT should work.

7. At this point, there are several keys that we want to program to send RC-5 codes, so that they can be used by LIRC/MythTV.  The One For All remote controls are excellent for programming, and although the manual doesn't document it, it is possible to program what are called "advanced codes".  This method will allow you to program the non-working buttons to send out RC-5 codes.  Here's how to program individual buttons:
  a) Press and hold the SET button until the LED blinks twice, and then release SET.
  b) Press 994, and then tap the SET key.  The LED should blink once.
  c) Enter one of the three-digit codes below, and then press the key that corresponds to that three-digit code.

Code	Button
147	Replay (Backwards curved arrow)
178	Skip (Arrow pointing right with vertical line)
111	Next Chapter
143	Previous Chapter
018	Audio/CC
238	SUBT
047	Slow motion (vertical bar with arrow)
140	Enter*
113	PIP
145	SWAP
236	Move
224	Thumbs Up
142	Thumbs Down
240	PVR Menu

*This maps Enter to be the same as SELECT.

8. Your remote should now be fully programmed.  You can test all of the newly programmed buttons now.

NOTE: If you have been mucking around with your remote (as I had), then you may need to clear out your existing codes.  Luckily, with a bunch of scouring, I found out that you can clear out existing codes for a device by using code 980.  You can use it by holding down SET until the LED blinks twice, and then pressing 980.  I tried pulling out the batteries for over an hour, and my programmed keys stayed there, hence my need for the 980 code.

1. MythTV mailing list archives (using PVR-250 with a One For All remote)

2. Advanced Codes - Remote Homepage:

3. Radio Shack & One For All Advanced Codes

4. One For All remote control codes page:
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