[mythtv-users] kernel oops! PVR 250 on 7NIF2 -- ideas?

Ted Richardson trichard at socket.net
Sat Apr 3 11:36:48 EST 2004

> I've had virtually this identical kernel oops two nights in a row.  Most
> recently, the system had an uptime of approximately 9 hours; at the
> beginning, it was recording from a single channel for 5 straight hours,
> with no problems.  I quickly reviewed the resulting file and it looks
> fine.  Then nothing else was recorded for roughly 4 hours, I guess and
> then, for apparently no reason, it blows up.

I am having exactly the same symptom as this.  I'm just wondering if it was
ever resolved.  It seems that the system is panicking overnight when Myth is
just sitting on the screen, not recording or watching any video.

I'm running a CVS version of Myth from February 18 and I'll happily upgrade
if it will make any difference.  I'm using an older PIII/440BX motherboard
with a PVR-350.  I'm using the latest IVTV 0.1.10pre2 patched with Chris
Kennedy's patches and Matthias Badaire's X driver, though I've had this
symptom with other driver combinations.  I'm also using Gentoo with the
2.4.22 Gentoo-sources kernel.

Additionally, I can't get any of the panic text because running X blanks out
my console.  Is there a good way to capture this without setting up a serial

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Ted Richardson
St. Louis, Missouri

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