[mythtv-users] M179 and KnoppMyth R4V2

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Thu Apr 1 18:50:41 EST 2004

Jeff wrote:

>I've been unable to get my M179 card (I also have a PVR-250)
>to come up reliably using KnoppMyth R4V2. I am using the
>IVTV driver from ATrpms with the ivtv-v4l2-types.patch and
>the ivtv-release-0.1.9-m179.patch. My firmware is also from ATrpms
>(dec version 2.02.23, enc version 2.04.211).
Using Axel's patch with KnoppMyth?!  R4V2 is already patched for the M179.

>Others have said that they have this card working, more or
>less reliably. My problem is that I need to reboot the box
>10-15 times to get it to "come up". I haven't had any success
>with "rmmod ivtv; modprobe ivtv" during boot (even before mythbackend
>starts) as this gets a device inuse error.
>I'm considering switching to the Fedora core as it seems like
>those who have this card working are using that with ATrpms.
>Is anyone using this successfully with KnoppMyth? I'm wondering if
>there's something about what KnoppMyth does during boot that
>is causing my woes. I have already disabled the code which KnoppMyth
>includes to call test_ioctl during boot but perhaps it is doing something
>else which I haven't found yet.
I have an M179 which does work but can be problematic.  I know of no 
magic bullet to get it working w/o issue.


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