[mythtv-users] OT a little Ripping DVD's and playing them on a mvp

jrlowry376 at adelphia.net jrlowry376 at adelphia.net
Thu Apr 1 14:02:26 EST 2004

I realize this is not directly myth releated but there sure is a lot of knowledge related to video file formats on this group.

I've done a few perfect DVD rips and want to play them via my Hauppauge Media MVP. I've moved the resulting ripped file (*.vob) to a point where the MVP can access it. The video plays fine but there is no audio. I can play myth recordings made with pvr250's via the MVP without a problem.

I guessing there is a difference in the audio format of a ripped DVD and a mpg2 file.

Is there a tool that I can run against a VOB to change the audio format mpeg2?

Thanx Jack.

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