[mythtv-users] Need help picking out new motherboard / cpu

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Thu Apr 1 13:35:41 EST 2004

> > There is no hardware decoder. The GF4 provides some help, but it is
> > far from full-out decode
> According to the nVidia GeForce4 MX specification, it has "Integrated
> full hardware MPEG-2 decoder". I could send you the PDF if you want to
> look at it.

I've seen that advertised, but I'm not convinced it's really true. 
Video manufacturers have a long history of selling special hardware
where much of what is special is actually in the driver.  That's one
reason that they don't release full programming specs or an open-source

As to the MPEG-2 decoding in this case, what is relevant is that even if
the hardware supports it, there is no driver under Linux that does.  If
that ever changes, I expect that there would be a significant effort to
get Myth to make use of it.

The current state is that the nVidia closed-source drivers for Linux
support XvMC acceleration, which makes a huge difference with MPEG-2,
but isn't full decoding.  For most of us, though, it's good enough.  Of
course, if the card were doing the decoding, there's a good chance that
it would handle interlacing with the TV-out correctly, which would be a
huge win.

So politely ask nVidia for clarification.


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