[mythtv-users] patching OS X mplayer

Benjamin Reed ranger at befunk.com
Sat Mar 29 20:53:41 UTC 2003

Gregorio Gervasio Jr. wrote:

>         Well, there's also the fact that the Mac is a big-endian
> machine.  Anyway, I have been working a little bit at building
> mythfrontend for OS X and it was easier to get mplayer up and
> running.  That doesn't mean it's hopeless, though.  I already have the
> frontend running on Linux/PPC.  The problem for OS X right now is
> sound but since esound, SDL, and arts have all been ported, it should
> be a matter of time.

Just an FYI, the arts code is not quite working right, so be warned not 
to use it as an example.  :)

Right now in Fink we're using the arts <-> esound bridge, rather than 
the native CoreAudio driver since it has some lockup issues we've been 
unable to track down.

On the bright side, if you get something worked out, I'd be happy to 
make fink packages of the mythtv frontend.  I use MythTV at home on my 
linux box and (obviously) use Fink too.  :)

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