[mythtv-users] Error Logs?

Eric Thelin eric at generation-i.com
Mon Mar 31 20:27:16 UTC 2003

For me the "Web Cable Plus" is more than "good enough". I don't think 
it could be better. I don't perceive any quality loss for going through 
the converter. One caveat: I had slight flicker problems that went away 
when I switched from powering it through the ps2 port and switched to 
the included transformer. And boy, is it easy to setup.


> My converter is an ADS TV Elite XGA.  I'm happy with it.
> On Friday 28 March 2003 12:05 pm, Robert Kulagowski wrote:
>> I ended up using an external converter - "Web Cable Plus" from
>> AITech.  It works "good enough" for me, and I didn't need to swap out
>> my video card.

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