[mythtv-users] Video Card Recommendations for TV Out

Joseph Jamieson jjamieson at futurefoundations.com
Fri Mar 28 20:20:56 UTC 2003

I have two GF4 4600Ti's, and nvtv works as far as setting some of the
overscan modes.  If you try to do anything else (position, etc) it makes
the screen go all funky on me.   But, you can get a decent overscanned
display on a TV if you run at 800x600.   Again, only if it's the only
head on the card.   If you try to run nvtv while in dual-head mode it
will completely mess stuff up.

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Joseph Jamieson wrote
> Well, if you use your nVidia card with TV-Out being the ONLY output
> device (no CRT or Flat Panel attached as well) you can use nvtv to
> adjust overscan, and you shouldn't have any problems with "tearing"
> double buffer apparently only works on primary display.)
> In this scenario it wouldn't be a bad card.  However, I probably
> wouldn't put a Ti4600 under the TV set to be a TiVo.   The price of
> Ti4600 alone is about the price of an entire TiVo.    However, the
> and stuff apparently work even better with nvtv.

nvtv doesn't fully support the GeForce4 Ti line.  I think they have
support now for the 4200, but not the others, yet.   I happen to have
a GeForce4 Ti 4600 and am using it with TV-out and am quite happy with
it, despite the outer ~5% of my TV picture being a black border (it's
about an inch on each side on my 27" TV).

For NVidia boards, a GeForce2 MX is probably the best choice.  It's
cheap, it allows both monitor and TV-out at the same time *and* nvtv
can adjust those borders on it.  when I get around to building a
dedicated frontend, that's what I'm going to put in it.  :)

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