[mythtv-users] daft newbie questions :-)

Chris Palmer mythtv at zencow.com
Fri Mar 28 19:53:52 UTC 2003

Bruce Markey wrote
> Paul Smith wrote:
> > If plain ATI graphics cards are a problem what's a better (low cost) 
> > card to use?
> NVidia GeForce2 have the advantage of a nifty utility called
> nvtv which can control overscan, x,y position and lots of
> other controls that you wouldn't have with other cards.

Also, cards based on the GeForce2 MX chip are dual-headed, which
allow you to use TwinView, providing both monitor and tv-out at 
the same time (if that matters to you).  Other GeForce chipsets
also support TwinView.  You can find a list in the documentation
on NVidia's website in the linux driver section.


There's also a version 4191 of the driver, but there are some
problems, so if you go with an NVidia-based card, the 3123 driver 
is the way to go.


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