[mythtv-users] Video Card Recommendations for TV Out

Joseph Jamieson jjamieson at futurefoundations.com
Fri Mar 28 16:48:58 UTC 2003

Well, if you use your nVidia card with TV-Out being the ONLY output
device (no CRT or Flat Panel attached as well) you can use nvtv to
adjust overscan, and you shouldn't have any problems with "tearing" (xv
double buffer apparently only works on primary display.)

In this scenario it wouldn't be a bad card.  However, I probably
wouldn't put a Ti4600 under the TV set to be a TiVo.   The price of the
Ti4600 alone is about the price of an entire TiVo.    However, the GF2's
and stuff apparently work even better with nvtv.

I can only really tell you about the nVidia boards because that's all
I've used with TV-Out.

Apparently some of the Matrox boards with TV-Out (G400/G450) appear to
work well and have good xv support.  Not all G400/G450's have TV-Out

I've been hunting around myself for a video board that is the "perfect
TV-Out solution" and I have not found one.   There's always pros and
cons for every one.   What one person doesn't feel is important (like
overscan) you may feel that it's very important.

For me, I want a video board that can display to a TV with overscan
intact and good quality.   It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as
colors aren't washed out and I have no black borders.

Too bad there's no Linux (accelerated) drivers for the Xbox VGA chip
yet, it would make an incredibly good front-end (the TV-Out on the xbox
is very good.)   They say this is in the works and should show up "soon"
so we'll have to see.

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I just installed MythTV lastnight and am extrememly impressed.  I've 
decided to build a dedicated box for this and was looking for 
recommendations for the best video card for TV-OUT that will work with 
MythTV.  My test box has an Nvidia Ti4600, but the TV-Out was not all
great, and I read that the Nvidia cards are not very good under linux
TV-Out.  I bought a cheap ATI TV Wonder VE to use to get this all setup.

Is there better cards out there for the tuner portion?  Any suggestions 
in this area would be greatly appreciated as well.


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