[mythtv-users] daft newbie questions :-)

Paul Smith paullocal at pscs.co.uk
Fri Mar 28 15:27:14 UTC 2003

Thanks for the response :-)

> > 1) (I don't know if I dare ask this....) - which is the
> > 'best' flavour of
> > Linux to use for this - the PC in question isn't going to be used
>That's a matter of personal preference.  Mandrake and Redhat have the
>most documentation in the HOWTO, debian and Red Hat have pre-made
>RPMs for MythTV.  Other than that, they're just about all the same.
>Personally, I'm a Mandrake fan, but it doesn't really matter.

I'll use RedHat then, since I've had a bit of experience with it.

> > Any problems with the following PC spec?
> > - AMD Athlon XP 2800+
> > - Asus A7V8X/LAN motherboard (built in audio)
>Check the archives for issues with nForce audio chipsets.

The A7V8X motherboard has a Realtek audio chipset and VIA KT400 main 
chipset - I can't find any reference to 'nForce' on Asus' website regarding 
this motherboard - so I think I'm Ok there.

(The A7*N*8X motherboards seem to use nForce chipsets)

If all else fails I've got a spare SB-Live card sitting around, so I could 
disable on-board audio and use that instead.

> > - ATI 9000 card with TV-Out
>Check the archive about issues with ATI cards and X drivers.

Where? Sorry, I can see issues with ATI 'All in wonder' cards (with tuner 
etc), but nothing about plain old graphics cards. Do you remember what the 
problem was?

If plain ATI graphics cards are a problem what's a better (low cost) card 
to use?

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