[mythtv-users] Watching While recording?

Mark D. Montgomery II mythtv at techiem2.net
Fri Mar 28 01:37:15 UTC 2003

Ok.  I got it figured out.
With my card I need (or at least this works):
Line set to record and muted.
Capture set to record (enables capturing)
ADC Set to record
This will record audio and allow me to watch it as it is being recorded.
There's just too many mixer options for this card.  :)
Mark II

On Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:40:51 -0700
jasonmiller <jasonmiller at micron.com> wrote:

> You should be capturing Line.  Is that what you meant by Capture set to record?  Also, the obvious, when Line is unmuted can you hear sound?
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> How do I go about watching a show while it is beeing recorded?
> The FAQ says to mute the line in so you hear the processed audio, not the live audio.  This makes sense.
> However, when I mute the line in, I don't hear anything.  This also means the recorded video has no audio.  :)
> Here are my audio settings using alsamixer:
> Master and PCM unmuted
> Line set to record and muted
> Capture set to record
> Am I doing something obviously wrong?  Should I be using a mixer other than the alsamixer?  If so, which one?
> I'm using an Avermedia TV/FM98 and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz in Gentoo.
> Mark II
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