[mythtv-users] Laptop?

Shawn Edwards sedwards at theedwards.org
Thu Mar 27 21:26:49 UTC 2003

Check which model of dell laptop it is against the dell website.  Many 
of the older ones had svideo outputs.  Don't know if the svideo would be 
usable with X or not, but it's worth a look.

I had a lattitude at one time that had ethernet, sound and svideo out 
with a P2-450 chip.  Really wish I still had it.  It would have made a 
great front-end box.


Brian Wente wrote:

>Well my shuttle SS50 isn't as quiet or as cool as I would like. I created my
>system before I knew about splitting frontend from backend. But know I am
>considering spending more for a light frontend. I saw a dell laptop for $700
>celeron 2.0ghz, but how do you get video in?
>Is there a usb solution?
>-- Brian
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