[mythtv-users] Looking for some additional information

Alex Davidson alexd at synergycsi.com
Thu Mar 27 18:12:50 UTC 2003

On a related note,  does anyone have any opinions on the Windows XP Media
Center systems coming out now like
http://www.alienware.com/mce_main_sff.aspx# ?

This one is obviously based on a Shuttle case and I see they have a free
guide which is a selling point over Tivo and Replay but obviously the
initial cost is going to be much higher than Myth but conversely they should
be Plug N Play (or is that Pray?).

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> Dwight Hubbard wrote:
> >I have to agree, mythtv is a promising projects and it does offer some of
> >the convergence functionality I've wished the tivo offered.  I also think
> >that as myth stabilizes it will be the better solution.  However
> >the two today, the tivo is a much better choice for a PVR.
> >
> >
> I have to disagree. No question mythtv is much harder to setup. But I
> personally have found stability to be very good, even though I use cvs.
> My pattern is to update to a new cvs build, use it for 3-4 weeks, and
> update again. Over the last couple of months I don't thing I have had
> more than two crashes or segfault. I'm sure it would be even less if I
> followed point releases. So tivo wins on ease of setup for sure, but
> mythtv wins on many, many other things. For instance
> 1) cost. No monthly fees! Free as in beer and speech!
> 2)flexibility: can your tivo have multiple tuners and play programs
> recorded in one room on the tivo in another room?
> 3)quality: My mythtv picture kicks the crap out of my friend's tivo
> 3)expandability: decide you want another tuner, or to double your
> recording capacity? Add a tuner and drive. With a tivo the first is
> impossible, the second a warranty voiding hack.
> 4)customization: you choose the hardware. You spend a lot or a little
> depending on what you want. You choose how it looks, both hardware and
> software(themes).
> 5)mythweb, mythweather, music, game, etc etc
> 6) I like the gui better. My friend with the tivo wanted to show me a
> program he liked. But oops it had "faded". He hadn't told it to save the
> program or whatever. Mythtv doesn't try to be so clever it screws you up
> recording crap you don't like, and deleting stuff you do.
> 7) Privacy. Mythtv doesn't phone home and spill your dirty little Buffy
> secret to the mothership.
> 8) Future potential: every two weeks mythtv is significantly better than
> before. It is getting better much fast than tivo.
> 9) Don't like the way something works, or want to see a new feature? You
> don't have to beg tivo for it, do it yourself, its open source!
> and mythtv passed the girlfriend test with flying colors. Just spend a
> little time putting together a remote control layout that makes sense
> and she will have no problems.
> in summary, mythtv is much harder to setup. But you're using linux
> right? You should be able to hack it. But once setup boy, its a good
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