[mythtv-users] Looking for some additional information

Cedar McKay cedarmckay at mac.com
Thu Mar 27 17:38:42 UTC 2003

Dwight Hubbard wrote:

>I have to agree, mythtv is a promising projects and it does offer some of
>the convergence functionality I've wished the tivo offered.  I also think
>that as myth stabilizes it will be the better solution.  However comparing
>the two today, the tivo is a much better choice for a PVR.

I have to disagree. No question mythtv is much harder to setup. But I 
personally have found stability to be very good, even though I use cvs. 
My pattern is to update to a new cvs build, use it for 3-4 weeks, and 
update again. Over the last couple of months I don't thing I have had 
more than two crashes or segfault. I'm sure it would be even less if I 
followed point releases. So tivo wins on ease of setup for sure, but 
mythtv wins on many, many other things. For instance

1) cost. No monthly fees! Free as in beer and speech!
2)flexibility: can your tivo have multiple tuners and play programs 
recorded in one room on the tivo in another room?
3)quality: My mythtv picture kicks the crap out of my friend's tivo
3)expandability: decide you want another tuner, or to double your 
recording capacity? Add a tuner and drive. With a tivo the first is 
impossible, the second a warranty voiding hack.
4)customization: you choose the hardware. You spend a lot or a little 
depending on what you want. You choose how it looks, both hardware and 
5)mythweb, mythweather, music, game, etc etc
6) I like the gui better. My friend with the tivo wanted to show me a 
program he liked. But oops it had "faded". He hadn't told it to save the 
program or whatever. Mythtv doesn't try to be so clever it screws you up 
recording crap you don't like, and deleting stuff you do.
7) Privacy. Mythtv doesn't phone home and spill your dirty little Buffy 
secret to the mothership.
8) Future potential: every two weeks mythtv is significantly better than 
before. It is getting better much fast than tivo.
9) Don't like the way something works, or want to see a new feature? You 
don't have to beg tivo for it, do it yourself, its open source!

and mythtv passed the girlfriend test with flying colors. Just spend a 
little time putting together a remote control layout that makes sense 
and she will have no problems.

in summary, mythtv is much harder to setup. But you're using linux 
right? You should be able to hack it. But once setup boy, its a good dream.

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