[mythtv-users] Best stereo TV tuner card for Linux?

Ralph Little ralph.little at tribaldata.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 10:32:13 UTC 2003

I guess that there will be less loss/noise and one less bit of wire around
the back of the PC, not to mention the fact that you get your LineIN
connector back for use with other things...

Also, generally, there have been a few problems with newbies to MythTV
getting sound to work along the lines of "my sound is out of sync with the
video" and "when I shutdown MythTV, the sound is not muted" where they have
forgot to mute LineID and set it to record etc. etc. 

I guess that if you have a working system, that is satisfactory, I can't
think of any good reason to change it.
Getting btaudio to work can be just as much a headache depending on your
individual setup....


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On that note, why does everyone try to do away with the pass-through cable?
I have an ATi TV-Wonder VE, and it's mono... Will I gain anything by using
btaudio? Is it worth the headache? (I actually had it kinda working
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Thanks for the heads up.  I had no problem installing on RedHat 8 actually.
I just followed the excellent FAQ's.  As long as I followed the info on
RedHat, it worked fine.  Just trying to do away with the pass through cable
on my current card.


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