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Fri Mar 28 17:23:36 UTC 2003

Another thing we need (which might also solve this problem), is the ability
to control how many copies of a show to keep.  If I record "7th Heaven" for
my daughter any time it appears on any channels, I think I get about 3
recordings PER DAY!  Well, let that baby run for a week and I've got a
couple dozen of those things sucking up space!  I'd much rather be able to
set it to "Keep the most recent n recordings" like I can with TiVo and
ReplayTV.  That would be awesome.


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> A new behavior as of 0.8 is that these episodes will show up in the
> "Show Recording Conflicts" screen as greyed-out (they used to not be
> there at all).  So, at least now you know when something is being
> skipped.  All we need now is a UI to come up when you hit Space on one
> of those items and allow you to un-suppress the recording for that
> instance.
> -Joe C.
> On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 17:22, Cliff Draper wrote:
> > I'm seeing a problem where if I already have a show recorded, and
> > another episode of the same show comes up (be it a day later or 0
> > minutes later), if the second episode has the same description, it
> > refuses to record the second episode.
> >
> > Now this can be a good feature for those shows that get repeated
> > several times during the week, but some shows don't get much detail in
> > their descriptions.  Actually, some shows just have the same
> > description no matter what episode it is.  And that means that new
> > episodes are not getting recroded.
> >
> > Is there some way to turn off this uniqueness constraint on the shows,
> > or can someone point out to me where in the code it's doing this
> > logic?
> >
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