[mythtv-users] Compile error

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 26 16:31:56 UTC 2003

What kind of processor do you have?  Certain AMD chips (pre-Athlon, i.e.,
K6-2 maybe) don't like the "-march=pentiumpro" option.  (Although, now that
I think about it, that would more likely generate a run-time error rather
than a compiler segfault... Leandro is right, you may want to see if you
crash doing other CPU/memory intensive tasks like rebuilding your kernel)

-Joe C.

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> >
> > Although I'm confident that cosmic rays are boosting the performance
> > of your machine, or diminishing your humor skills, it
> unfortunately is not
> > the cause of my compiling errors.
> >
> > Removing the optimizations for QT in the settings.pro  file allowed the
> > compile to complete.  Now that I can successfully compile, I'll
> add a few
> > of the optimizations to see if I can narrow down which parameter is
> > causing the Seg fault.
> >

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