[mythtv-users] full duplex sound card

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 26 16:27:00 UTC 2003

What kind of TV tuner card do you have?  If it supports btaudio (= direct
audio extraction from tuner card over the PCI bus without need for patch
cable/duplex sound card), then that's the way to go.  Search the archives
for plenty of info on how to tell if your tuner supports btaudio & if so how
to set it up.

As far as other sound cards (if btaudio is not an option)... I have a
Hercules Fortissimo III which does full duplex, but I really can't remember
how well since I've been using btaudio.  I also have a C-Media onboard chip
which, as you correctly stated, has horrible doing duplex.  FYI, if you get
*any* PCI sound card, then it really doesn't matter if it does full
duplex -- since you'll have 2 sound cards (onboard & separate PCI), you
could record with one and playback with the other.  That is essentially what
you're doing when you use btaudio, anyway.  Even the C-Media chip might
handle this; I think the hiss is only an issue when the card is opened in
duplex mode.

Hope that helped.

-Joe C.

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> I am the one that started the thread on ringbuf1.nuv
> and got a lecture on RTFM.
> Come to find out that my problem actually has got to
> do with full duplexing capability of the sound card.
> I can start mythbackend fine. When I start
> mythfrontend, go through the setup process and then
> choose to watch tv, mythtv hangs and I cannot even get
> back to init3. I have to reboot my machine.
> Instead, if I issue mythtv (mythbackennd is running) I
> get the following message:
> WARNING: Capture devie /dev/dspis not reporting full
> duplex capability. See docs/mythtv-HOWTO, section 17
> for more information.
> I am realizing that the integrated sound on my ECS
> K7SEM motherboard is no good for MythTV. In that case,
> what PCI sound card does people recommend? I will
> imagine that a plain vanilla Sound Blaster Live will
> be fine. And I also know that C-Media chip has problem
> with recording hiss. Is there any other suggestion
> from people for an economical sound card that will do
> the job just fine for MythTV? Thanks in advance.
> BTW, I checked section 17 of the docs and I don't see
> anything on sound duplex requirement. RTFM?
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