[mythtv-users] Using mythfilldatabase in Germany

Christoph Rasim christoph at rasim.net
Tue Mar 25 11:26:16 UTC 2003

Hi there,

> i have a small script (someone send' it to me, don't know who it was...) 
> that extracts the xmltv-data from nxtvepg and writes the channel-data to 
> it... i think it's also located at the non-us-mythtv-website (hmm don't 
> know the url right now... seems like my brain stayed at home today, hehe)
> if not i can send it to you when i'm at home tonight.

I didn't find the script, but I got the nxtvepg thing to work quite fine.
There's only one more problem: The only acquisition mode that is working 
for me running the nxtvepg acquisition daemon is the passive mode, because 
mythbackend seems not to release the video card even if I'm not in live TV 
mode and there's no record in progress. How did you solve this?



Christoph Rasim

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