[mythtv-users] Running Myth without a window manager

Jonathan Kolb jkolb-mythtv at greyshift.net
Wed Mar 26 01:07:40 UTC 2003

I got the ATI Wonder VE to work just by plugging it in.  Sound and video
work fine.  Included is a list of cards that work in Mythtv:


The OS I tested on Is debian based, LindowsOS.  I also tried them on Red
Hat 8 and mandrake 9 with the same results.  Hope this helps.

On Sun, 2003-03-23 at 12:57, Chris wrote:

> Has anybody gotten this tv card to work with btaudio?  I got the ATI TV
> Wonder PCI working.  I was wondering if upgrading to bttv .7 or even .9
> release would be worth the hassle.
> Thanks

Merle Reine <merle.reine at lindows.com>
Lindows.com Hardware Certification
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