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Bob Blakey kerflop at kc.rr.com
Sun Mar 23 20:09:07 UTC 2003

I am running Red Hat 8.0, with MythTV .8.

I am not sure what version of perl that I am running.  What is the
command to find this out?  (I have only been using Linux for less than a

I did install expat-1.95.6.tar.gz per the How-to doc.

Output for the Makefile.PL

[kerflop at localhost xmltv-0.5.8]$ perl Makefile.PL
* Tv_check is a graphical front-end to listings data.  You pick the
shows you are interested in, and then tv_check alerts you to
unexpected extra episodes or schedule changes.

To install tv_check, you will need the following packages:


Do you wish to install tv_check? [yes,no (default=no)] n

* Tv_pick_cgi is a front-end to choose your TV viewing.  It presents all
programmes in the listings and asks you about each one.  But you can
killfile programmes by answering 'never', in which case you won't be
asked again about that show.

It is a CGI program which runs through a web server and web browser, or
with the lynxcgi mode of the lynx web browser.  You need to install it
by hand; this Makefile.PL will only check that the necessary libraries
are present.

Do you plan to run tv_pick_cgi? [yes,no (default=no)] n

* Tv_grab_na is the listings grabber for North America.

Do you wish to install tv_grab_na? [yes,no (default=yes)] y

* Tv_grab_sn is the listings grabber for Sweden and Norway.

To install tv_grab_sn, you will need the following packages:

HTML::TableExtract (version 1.08 or higher)

Do you wish to install tv_grab_sn? [yes,no (default=no)] n

* Tv_grab_nz is the listings grabber for New Zealand.

Do you wish to install tv_grab_nz? [yes,no (default=yes)] n

* Tv_grab_fi is the listings grabber for Finland.

To install tv_grab_fi, you will need the following packages:


Do you wish to install tv_grab_fi? [yes,no (default=no)] n

Required module XML::Twig failed to load: XML/Twig.pm did not return a
true value at (eval 21) line 3, <STDIN> line 6.
XML::Twig 3.09 is required.
Module Compress::Zlib seems not to be installed.
Compress::Zlib is recommended.
Module Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate seems not to be installed.
Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate is recommended.
Module Lingua::Preferred seems not to be installed.
Lingua::Preferred is recommended.
Module Term::ProgressBar seems not to be installed.
Term::ProgressBar is recommended.
Module Unicode::String seems not to be installed.
Unicode::String is recommended.
Required modules missing, not writing Makefile

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More details please.

What distribution?
What version of perl?
Did you install the pre-requisistes for XMLTV?
What is the output of the perl Makefile.PL script?

The "ignore the errors" part has to do more with XMLTV throwing up
error messages if you don't have some modules loaded.  Not all perl
modules are required for XMLTV to work, especially when it's just
being used as a grabber for MythTV.

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