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Ken VanDine ken at
Sat Mar 22 23:32:33 UTC 2003

Well, I have some interesting (yet frustrating) results.  It seems the problem
for me is the height.  I can record at 720x240 using mpeg4 at only like 33% cpu,
rtjpeg works great too.  However, if I select 480 for the height, the quality is
terrible no matter what the width is and the cpu usuage is very high.  I have a
P4 1.5Ghz using a WinTV Go for capture and NVidia 440MX for TV out (3123 drivers).

Anyone have any ideas?


Quoting Unit3 <unit3 at>:

> Ken VanDine wrote:
> >Thanks, what do you mean by changing the compression?  Do you mean the
> bitrate?
> > I have tried it as low as 2200 with no real improvement.  It actually
> looks
> >pretty good at 320x240, but goes down quickly as I increase it.  It is a
> bt8x8 card.
> >  
> >
> Hmmm... bitrate is a function of the MPEG4 codec. Try the RTJpeg at 
> about 180-190, and see what it looks like. My system produces much worse 
> video using MPEG4 than RTJPEG, I think it's because it can't keep up 
> with the encoding.
> Graeme
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