[mythtv-users] MythGame, Mame and roms

Pyroman[FO] pyroman at ninjapanda.org
Mon Mar 24 02:43:49 UTC 2003

A sad story about a moron/word of warning/feature request...

This evening I played with the colour adjustment buttons.  On my system,
the changes did not occur real time, but were delayed several seconds.
Therefore since I didn't see the change, I kept pushing the button and
then pushed other buttons.  Eventually after I decided that the colour
controls weren't working and stopped pushing buttons, all my changes
took place at once - and I was left with a pitch black screen with blue

I tried for about a half hour to correct the colour/contrast/brightness,
but without the changes taking place in real time and without a slider
control to see where I was, I just couldn't get the picture to look
right.  I'm probably just a moron, but I'm telling you I tried and
couldn't get it. (especially complicating the matter was that the
settings are per channel based, a good thing, but the channel I was
watching had the basketball game on.)

There probably is an easier way, but to solve my problem, I re-ran setup
to clear the db, and then re-ran mythfilldatabase.  (mythfilldatabase
--xawchannels was unrecognized for some reason)

So for those that don't have a colour balance problem, don't touch the
buttons.  :)

For those in the know, please let me know of an easier way to fix this,
if there is one.

It would be really great if there was a slider or some indicator of
change from the baseline (such as +5/-5).  An ability to reset may also


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