[mythtv-users] Failed to bind port:6543?

Kaushik Mallick kmallick2000 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 24 00:42:26 UTC 2003

Andy Davidoff wrote:
> I also have problems with CPU load in the areas you mentioned.  I'm running
> Myth on a 1600x1200 X display; XP 2000, 64meg GeForce3 Ultra DDR (pre-Ti).
> I can't run MPEG4 at anything approaching a reasonable quality level, but
> RTjpeg at 720x480 is perfectly fine for recording and playing.  From your
> testing, it sounds like I would be fine if I dropped the resolution and
> colordepth.

There are a lot of people searching for the magic setup to get good 
quality w/o using up a lot of the processor.  I had a real hard time 
with this also for a while, because I started with the assumption that 
the Myth defaults for MP4 quality were correct and that I just needed to 
turn up the resolution.  This is very wrong (at least for me)

I've found that it works much better to turn down the resolution and 
cracking up the MP4 min quality.


Resolution to 480x480
MP4 Min Quality = 4
Max Quality = 1
Max Diff = 2

See what happens. I think you will be happy.  I'm getting a great 
picture and only using like 50% of my Athlon XP1700.

Also, if it helps, my understanding of MP4 settings:
Resolution - by far the biggest factor in determining the amount of 
processing power.  Increasing this increases processor requirement by a 
factor of 4.
Bitrate - lowering this will reduce quality by dropping data, therefore 
no affect on processor power, but will affect disk space.
Max/Min Quality - lowering this will improve quality by using more 
compression and more processor power.  I haven't seen swing of more then 
10% changing from the default quality settings and max settings.

If anyone else has a better understanding, please correct me.


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