[mythtv-users] colour adjustment

Ryan A. Carris rac at racarris.com
Sat Mar 22 06:25:10 UTC 2003

> j> Another area of slow performance I've noticed is in
> j> mythfrontend. On the main page, it takes a half second
> j> to select another option, and uses about 50% CPU. On
> j> the Schedule a Recording page, it takes 1-2 seconds to
> j> page down or move the cursor a single step. The CPU
> j> spikes to 100% when this happens. Is this normal?

>         Are you using the latest nVidia video drivers (1.0-4191)?  I
> set up a new box with a GeForce2 MX card and noticed this same
> slowdown compared to my previous box using a Radeon.  I went back to
> *previous* nVidia video drivers (1.0-3123) and the problem went away.
> RENDER acceleration is disabled in the latest drivers.  There's an
> option to turn it on (see the ChangeLog) but doing consistently locks
> up my machine.

I am getting this same slowdown on an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon (ie pre Radeon 7500).  It didn't happen in 0.7.

Using ati drivers in the latest kernel, not dri ones.

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