[mythtv-users] A Couple Newbie Questions

JC johnmythtv at crombe.com
Fri Mar 21 03:58:45 UTC 2003

Hi Mike,

I can help with two of those questions...

1) With KDE, I set the taskbar to "autohide" (forget what they call it
exactly).  This has worked great for me.  When using my infrared remote with
Myth, it's always invisible, yet when I grab the mouse and whip down to the
bottom of the screen, it pops up and is there for me to switch around, start
tasks etc.  Basically, out of the way when I don't need it.

2) That "strange error flushing buffer" message has been there for ages.
The developers have reported that it's "nothing to worry about".  Some have
suggested that it be made a bit more informative or less "error sounding",
but you can relax, your system is running great if that's the only message
you see.

Take care,

P.S. As far as the color issue, I've got a Matrox G200 card myself and found
that tuning the registers for the card let me set brightness, saturation and
contrast and with an hour or two of playing I got it looking very good.
Don't know about your card as you don't say.

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> Well Gang....after much trial and error, I finally have MythTV up &
> running.  Thanks to all who made suggestions on fixing my Black & White
> picture...off by one channel, issue.  Through trial and error on the
> various options you presented, I finally found the one that worked for
> me.  So my picture is color, my channel #'s are accurate and all is
> well.  Myth is Fantastic!
> Now, a couple question...first, I have Myth set up to operate in full
> screen, but some screens are truly "full screen", while others still
> allow space at the bottom of the screen for the KDE taskbar.  It has
> come in handy up to this point, giving me easy access to the terminal,
> but now that its all working, I'd like it to go away...especially while
> I'm watching TV.  Is this a configuration issue..that I can fix?  Or is
> this a bug?
> Secondly, although I have solved my B&W picture issue, I don't think the
> color I'm getting is all that great.  Is there a way to fine tune a
> tuner card to improve the picture quality?
> Third.....sometimes when I do go back to the console, I've noticed that
> I'm getting a line that reads "strange buffer error.." or something like
> that.  Its not stopping anything from working, but I was wondering if
> that's a known configuration/hardware/software issue that I can fix as
> well?
> TIA,
> Mike
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