[mythtv-users] Any suggestions for a video network?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Mar 20 04:03:33 UTC 2003

Chris wrote:
> I have 10mbps homepna and it is not cutting it.  It struggled with myth
> .7 and lags severely in .8.  802.11b is even slower. Any suggestions?  I
> have 10/100 mpbs lan cards but dont want to put cables all over the
> apartment.  Are there any wireless solutions supported in linux with
> enough bandwidth for mythtv?  Thanks

I can use 10mbps homepna if I keep the bitrate low enough.
Try mpeg4 352x480, 2200 scaled bitrate and it should work.
Otherwise, you will need a faster network for higher res
but this should work.

802.11a should be fast enough for high res, high bitrate
but there are questions about range. If it is a short distance
in an apartment, it may work.

--  bjm

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