[mythtv-users] Help with "QTDIR"

Bob Blakey kerflop at kc.rr.com
Thu Mar 20 03:11:13 UTC 2003

That is what it was...  I didn't know if that was right...

I have another prob... Maybe you guys can help.

I get this error when trying to run the shell

"bash: ^d: command not found"

this error is stoping me from logging in as su...


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>>>>> On Wed, 19 Mar 2003 20:17:17 -0600, "Bob Blakey" <kerflop at kc.rr.com>

b> First, let me apoligize for asking such a dumb question...  I am a total
b> newbie when it comes to Linux, so please forgive...

b> The question I have concerns section 4.0 in the documentation for MythTV.
b> It says "QTDIR needs to be set, and /usr/lib/qt3/bin must be added to
b> path."  How would one go about changing the QTDIR?  What file is that
b> setting in?  I am running Red Hat 8.0 with KDE.

	If you are running Red Hat 8.0 and you've installed the right
qt-* packages (see the docs), QTDIR should already be set for you in
/etc/profile.d/qt.sh.  To verify, type:

echo $QTDIR

It will normally be "/usr/lib/qt3-gcc3.2".
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