[mythtv-users] Possible bug in Mythtv .8 and cvs ?

Harley Peters harley at hpeters.net
Fri Mar 21 01:18:29 UTC 2003

There's been lots of talk with using mencoder to convert the .nuv files 
to something else.  I'm interested in converting the files to MPEG-1 
videos for VCD burning.  Has anybody done this successfully using the 
patched mencoder?  Also, do the newer releases of mplayer require this 
patch (since I noticed the patch is against rc4 while rc5 is out now).

In searching the mailing lists I've found references to using "mencoder 
file.nuv -oac copy -ovc copy outfile.mpg".

Does anybody have a shell script to take a .nuv file and produce a VCD 
.iso and cue file (using vcdimager)?

I've also run across some talk of using nuvplay, exportvideo, and mplex 
to produce the final mpg.  I suppose you could use nuvplay -e piped into 
toolame to produce the audio track, then use exportvideo and mpeg2enc to 
make the mpeg video, then mplex them together.

I tell you, I've had nothing but bad luck trying to play/convert video 
files in Linux, so any tips would be brilliant.  Every VCD I've created 
has severe audio syncing problems because of having to extract and 
convert the audio and video separately.

Michael J. Sherman  |  Software Developer
Digital Sandbox, Inc.  |  http://www.dsbox.com/

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