[mythtv-users] mythvideo keybindings

Kevin Bowen kevin at ucsd.edu
Thu Mar 20 01:28:48 UTC 2003

Using the 0.8 package I get a blank page with the INPUT title when I get to the INPUT option.  I was sucessful in defining the capture card
and the video sources.  If I hit any key I get:
ioctl: Invalid argument
Segmentation fault

Also the 0.7 packge compiled and installed in about 20 seconds each.   The 0.8 took about 20 minutes each.
Is this normal or do I have a memory leak?

Also I have the ATI AIW 7500.  Is there any chance I can get this to work if I don't need to capture and watch at the same time?  I bought two 
PROLINK PIXELVIEW BT878P+ Play TV pro FM PCI card w/Remote Control (Retail) CAPTURE for $43 buck in case it does not.

Kyle bowerman

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