[mythtv-users] Asus A7N266-VM

Thor Johnson thormj at ieee.org
Mon Mar 17 06:32:47 UTC 2003

>1) I can't seem to get the nForce sound running full duplex. I am running
>ALSA and using the example modules.conf from the ALSA page. I keep getting
>errors like unable to open /dev/dsp. fuser shows no processes with it open
>in general. It's as if it is opened for output and then MythTV tries to
>it for input. In the interim I have added a cheapo Yamaha YMF724 (also with
>ALSA) as /dev/dsp1 and it works OK, although I'd like to get that PCI slot
>back. Ideas? From the sounds of things Cedar has it working OK... Any
>to getting it working?

>2) If I try to use the onboard video (GF2 MX like) with the current (as of
>about last week) Nvidia binaries, I can't even get xawtv to work. Running
>generally causes an instant reboot/reset of the board. MythTV is equally
>unsuccessful although it doesn't cause a reboot. Plugging in a GF4 MX 440
>the AGP and disabling the on board video and everything works about as good
>as you could expect.

I was having these problems (odd MSI nForce1 m/b) until I turned the APIC
and PM off in the bios.  Since I've turned these off, I've had *much* fewer
problems with my Mdk 9.0 box; before I turned it off, I could run either
the nVidia graphics driver *or* the sound driver -- playing the "chromium"
sdl game would cause a lockup within a few minutes.

Once you get it stable, the alsa config is slightly odd too.  It took me
3 days to stumble onto that I not only needed line-in to capture, but also
"Capture" to be captured.

-Thor Johnson

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